How Nintendo is Quickly Returning to This Old Heart of Mine

Nintendo marked most of our childhoods; at least everyone I know that is around my age. For younger generations Nintendo as that funny console their parents got them to play retro-games while their friends had more interesting consoles like PlayStation or Xbox.

Pokémon Go Nintendo

Nintendo News and the Reasons it is Winning My Heart Back

Nintendo: From Zero to Hero

In a matter of months this year 2016 Nintendo went rapidly from zero to hero. Of course, everything that Nintendo has done these past months ended up in Nintendo’s stocks rising through the roof. It was something to be expected but I don’t think anyone thought that this was going to be done so radically and quickly, well, maybe just the accountant.

Nintendo Stock Chart 2016

2016 Nintendo Stock Chart May to July

In this chart you can see how Nintendo’s stocks have increased in the last 3 months, of course, don’t get fooled. It is not the highest it has been but it’s quite something. But enough with the numbers and let us talk about how and why Nintendo is winning my heart back.

2016 E3 Nintendo Announced The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

One of the most impressive news all of us gamers received during at E3 2016 was that Nintendo was finally sharing with us the name and possible release date of a game they had been promising since E3 2013 The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. With this new Legend of Zelda game all of us gamers went berserk and ignored the news shared by PlayStation and Xbox (including the new Xbox One S which is going to be smaller, white and cheaper). The new Zelda game is going to be an amazing journey through an open map that includes all of the features we love about these games with some new additions like the fact that this with be an open world game! The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild will be available for Wii U.
Watch The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild official trailer:

Nintendo Announces that the NES Console is Back

It’s like Christmas in July! Not only did July brought an amazing this which is what I’m going to talk about really soon but very early today Nintendo announced that the NES console is back and will be available to purchase on 11/11 it will have 30 games included. More news to come but this is already an amazing thing! What we know is that it will be smaller and it should be able to be connected directly to your new TV’s. Mario Bros 3, here I come! Stay tuned to Nintendo’s Social Networks or the official website for more information regarding the new NES console.

New NES Console 2016

The New NES Console

Pokémon Go the New Worldwide Sensation is Amazing!

Yes, I’m over 30. Yes, I haven’t moved a muscle or exercised properly in years. Yes, I am now walking like a mad person all around my home town Cancun to catch Pokémons even though the game has not been released officially here in Mexico. The mechanics of the game is just pure fun and it really makes you feel like you are your Pokémon character from those first Gameboy games that blew our minds when we were little. Or well, in my case, when I was old enough to run an Emulator in my computer as I was never allowed to purchase anything Nintendo related when I was growing up.

What do we know so far about Pokémon Go?

The maps are based on Google Maps (duh) and the stops and gyms were taken by an already existing GPS based game called Ingress. The stops marked by Ingress where brought into Pokémon and translated into Pokestops and Pokémon Gyms. This is why there are some city areas with few or none and other areas with more than one of them standing next to each other.
You really need to walk! When Pokémon Go was first released last week there was a possibility to use a fake GPS location to change places and move your character through your city or even to a different location like Mount Everest. This was quickly blocked by Pokémon and Nintendo. Along with having to walk around to find Pokémon you will also receive 2 km, 5 km and 10 km eggs with you. You need to actually WALK those kilometers if you want to hatch them. No bus, no car, no motorcycle, you will have to walk, skate or use a bicycle. If you exceed 12 mph (some say 15 mph) it will stop counting. If you don’t change places and are just moving around in circles it will stop counting. You need to actually change locations, the GPS must detect movement and be done under 15 mph (let’s make it 12 mph to make it safe).
The higher your lever the tougher the Pokémon get! Throughout these few days we have all been experimenting and at first got really excited by our first catch and then epically disappointed after evolving our first Pokémon just to find a Pidgey stronger than a recently evolved Pidgeot. My personal recommendation on this is: use Pidgeys, Weedles and Caterpies to evolve and release. This will boost your experience but do not get attached to them. You will quickly find a Pidgey stronger than your Pidgeot when you get above level 10.

My Pokemon Go Character Nintendo Team Mystic Team Wisdom

Yup, that’s me!

You don’t really NEED to choose a team but it’s part of the fun. So far there is no big difference by choosing teams. At first we were afraid that a certain team will find a particular kind of Pokémon that others. But teams are just to conquer gyms and battle. To this point the only way to battle a Pokémon is inside a gym. To catch a Pokémon you just throw a Pokéball at it and hope for the best. It is said that in future updates you will actually battle the Pokémon (just like the game) and be able to see and challenge other players in your area. Gyms are a great source of Experience Points and of Pokémon Coins. Most teams have WhatsApp groups and Facebook Groups to organize and meet each other. For me it’s been tons of fun as I have met a lot of people of all ages! Even as old as me!
No matter what they tell you Eevee evolution is random. A lot of people firmly believe that depending on the attack Eevee has it will evolve to something in particular. This theory was rapidly debunked and proven it is random. We would all love a Vaporeon or maybe you’re more into Flareon just cross your fingers and hope for the best. Remember, if you are a low level it is very likely you will end up discarding your Pokémon in the long run. There are Pokémon with combat power above 1,000 so you might want to aim a bit high if you plan to battle other players or take on a gym.

Well done, Nintendo, well done!

Well, now you know. Nintendo is now back in my life. I have been walking more that I had in years and enjoying a lot of time in places I have not been to in a long time.
Do you play Pokémon? What have you discovered so far? Are you thrilled about the new NES console? Tell me all about it!


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