Terribly disappointed by my new Motorola X 2nd Generation phone

I’ve been using cellular phones ever since my teen years, back when it was a phone and did nothing else but call. A little bit later after that texting was included and was a huge change for everyone. There was something else to do with your phone than just make or receive calls. Few minutes later I (as everyone else) was playing snake with my Nokia phone.

After the years passed I basically jumped from Motorola to Nokia and back to Motorola. The main thing that made me choose between one and the other was who made the most resistant model that year. When Motorola incorporated the literal “Vibrate and Ring option” which meant your phone would vibrate 3 times and then start ringing I opted out. Especially as a woman if it’s in your purse by the time it started ringing the other person had already hung up or by when I dove my hand into my purse I needed the vibration to let me know I had found the phone…

Then cell phones became much more. Cameras, texting, storage units, radios, just… everything! By that time I started using Blackberry. It seemed easy to use, safe and just free from every distraction. In came Twitter, Facebook and well, we all know this story. I spent most of the first stages of the “smart phone” era with a blackberry, I changed it three times for the new “blackberry curve” that was available that year. It was sturdy, resistant and damn easy to use.

When it was time to change phones again and Blackberry was no longer an option, since they were outrun by all other companies and BB phones were crazy expensive (for the same reason) I came across with the Motorola Razr i (XT890) and I fell completely in love again with Motorola.

The Moto Rzr was pink (when all other phones were black or white following the Samsung/iPhone trend) and it had what interested me the most: Gorilla Glass. This -for me- meant that it was a phone thought for heavy and long term use. Not designed to break at the first fall and change phones as you would change shirts (I usually change phones every 18 months due to my mobile contract). It lasted almost 2 years, by the time I had to change phones I was completely into Motorola, I became one of those annoying people that would try to convince others about their mobile brand being the absolute best. The camera was a beauty, it had fallen a million times and had not a single scratch on the screen. Well, yeah, the glass from the back (where the camera is) is now cracked but it’s 100% functional. (I still have it as a backup phone for a rainy day).

I was completely in love with Motorola and the friendly android system (I’ve seen other phones and even if they are android they are just not as friendly to me). By the time I had to renew my contract with Telcel I saw the new Moto X 2nd Generation adds and I was instantly sold. I even traveled to Mexico City to renew my contract there so I could be able to log into Motorola’s website and design my new phone (this is still not available for the rest of the country). I took my time and I designed the best looking phone for me.

When it finally arrived (took a while but within the stated 10 days) I ripped opened the package and was thrilled with my brand-new custom made phone. When I finished all the synchronizing process and was ready to use my phone I tried taking a photo and the disappointment began…

First of all, now the camera would shoot the moment you touched any part of the screen, it had an “auto-focus” option that (after now 4 months) has never worked ONCE. It takes crappy photos! But, hey, fine, it just means you have to go out with a camera AND your phone now.

After a few days I noticed that the notification led would never turn on (and has never since). Fine, it just means there’s no annoying blinking light all the time. I can live with that.

I have been very, very, VERY careful with my phone (more than with others). It is always inside its pouch (I do not use a case since it would hide the pretty colors I chose) and it has not fallen a single time. A few days ago, I grabbed my phone and I notice the thing that made me feel terribly disappointed: a scratch. There’s a scratch on my Gorilla Glass screen!! A SCRATCH! Seriously? It’s supposed to be almost impossible to scratch!

There was a new Android release a few weeks ago but my phone says it is up to date. Which I know it’s not. This phone was supposed to be updatable and ready for the new android version. While writing this article I grabbed my phone and check, it still says it’s up to date (it has the 4.4.4 Android version and here’s why)

All of this rambling and ranting in short is: I had never regretted purchasing a phone… until now. The Moto XT890 pink (Razr i) was the perfect phone. This new “happy” Moto X 2nd Gen with fake Gorilla Glass, crappy camera, non-functional led and a partially deaf “OK-Google wanna be Siri” is so not what I signed in for.

Stay away from Moto X 2nd Generation. There are plenty of other phones. Oh, and my boyfriend (who also had a Moto Razr i but black) has now a Moto e and it is even worst. Maybe he’ll tell us his story next.

Bad Motorola, you deserve a scolding and a spanking, you’ve been a bad, bad boy! Could it be because it is now a branch of Lenovo?

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    May 11, 2015 @ 12:38:21




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