Petition: If you’re going to read this blog post… Please, play “Angels or Devils” from Dishwalla or “Overkill (Acoustic)” from Men at Work… It’ll match with the mood of this post…

So, I was wondering over the internet at a friend’s blog… and suddenly two things just hit me…

How come humans are never satisfied with what they have? Why do we always keep thinking the grass is greener in the other side? I believe this is what makes us be people, but in a way, it ruins us. We should learn to be satisfied with what we have, or at least, learn to stop regretting our choices. And if we do regret them, I think it is never too late to change them. We should learn to pick us up and face reality. But still… we can’t keep wondering “what if?”… my what if’s are…

What if I had finished my career when I should’ve?

What if I had studied Law?

What if I hadn’t given up?

Oh well… guess we’ll never know… I believe every time we’re faced with a decision and we choose an alternate reality is created… I would love to invent some kind of gadget to see those alternate realities… and get to choose which one you would choose. Wouldn’t you?

The other thing that got me thinking… was… when you feel you have been replaced by someone you loved… I don’t know if it’s only a woman’s thing or men feel it too… but sometimes (foolishly) women feel our past loved ones will never get over us and it feels nice… but when we realize someone else broke his heart and now he’s thinking of her, we can’t help but feel replaced… As if no one will ever feel our loss…

I do remember each and everyone of you… And I do wish some part of you remembers me but not only that; but also misses me. It is nice to feel missed, isn’t it?


7 comentarios (+¿añadir los tuyos?)

  1. tcanedob
    Nov 25, 2010 @ 15:38:47

    osea, cómo?


  2. Julio
    Nov 24, 2010 @ 00:42:05

    La vida esta llena de decisiones y las tomamos en base a “pensar” que la que tomamos es la correcta, sin embargo, todo tiene sus pros y sus contras y todos, absolutamente todos yo creo que nos seguiremos preguntando “¿qué hubiera pasado si…?” y esto no tiene nada que ver con que no estemos satisfechos, algunas veces será por simple curiosidad, hasta Marvel hizo una serie titulada así “What if…?”


  3. tatiux
    Nov 23, 2010 @ 22:32:31

    me gusta mas cuando escribes en español…. sabes lo que opino de leer inglés, esta chido pero sientoq ue entendi a medias….. en fin… creoq ue de hecho no entendi muy bien que digamos…. :S pero bueno que chido que escribas mas seguido!!!!


  4. El Abuelo
    Nov 23, 2010 @ 21:53:22

    La respuesta a la primera pregunta es un tanto fácil, pero avergüenza a una gran mayoría..



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